Customise your bow, veil or accessory

Nearly all the bridal accessories I've made for my clients have been customised for them in some way.  Maybe that's a change of colour, an alteration to an original existing Claude design or an accessory designed and hand-crafted from scratch to their specific requirements.  It's an absolute pleasure to work so closely with my customers delivering them something very personal and definitely NOT off the peg...

photography for real bride Natalie

I can imagine it might feel overwhelming to think about having something made specially for you for your wedding and that it might be too expensive but it's a much simpler process then you might imagine with no hidden additional costs for customisation.

Step 1. It all starts with a chat, preferably with a cuppa, either on Zoom, over the phone, email or even in person at my home studio, which ever you'd prefer.  We will talk about how you plan to style your wedding, you can send me pictures of what your wearing, the colour palette, the flowers, anything that inspires your wedding look.  At this point we will also discuss your budget and when you want it delivered to you by. 

Step 2.  I will get to work on the design, I'll send you pictures of initial ideas incorporating your colour palette and materials.  At this point you will also receive a quote and a free sample of fabrics / sequins and beads to choose from, but please note this will not be a sample of hand embroidered fabric with your design, that comes later.

Step 3.  Once you are happy with the design, fabric and colours, I will make you up to three different samples of your hand-embroidered design to choose from. At this point I will ask for a 25% non refundable deposit.  The samples will then be posted to you so you can touch and feel them and see them against your outfit.

Step 4.  If its a YES, we move onto the exciting stage of making.  At this point, I'll ask for the remaining balance to be paid and I get sewing.  Your customised accessory will be delivered beautiful wrapped and boxed within the agreed time ready for your wedding day.

These steps give you an idea of how it will work but it's very collaborative. I will always be on hand to offer advice and I make it my mission to offer a relaxed, seamless service tailored to you as an individual and your specific needs.  The end result will be that you receive your dream accessory to complete your wedding look. Contact me to get started or check out the Bridal Gallery for more inspiration.



Kind Words

"I received the veil and it was as lovely as I thought it would be, thank you so much"

"Thank you so much I am literally the most excited for this veil"

 "You have been a dream to plan this with, I've been chuffed with everything"

"It's been so great collaborating with you, thanks again"