Bespoke FAQs

FAQs about Bespoke

. I don't get the bespoke process?

- I understand having something made especially for you can feel daunting.  I'm right here to help with any question you may have and you will only ever be dealing with me so I can personally guide you through the process.  If you have a question that you need answering and it isn't covered on the Bespoke  page, please contact me, I can help.

. What if I want something completely different to what I have seen on your website?

- That's no problem.  Whatever your idea, I would love to hear it, please get in touch with your exciting plans because I would love to bring your ideas to reality.   

. How do I know I can afford to go Bespoke, Are there any hidden costs?

- I will be clear right from the start how much your piece will cost and why, the price depends on what it is you are having made but the prices of the pieces on my website will give you a good indication of my pricing in general.

. What's the lead time for Bespoke, when will I have my item?

-The time frame for bespoke is 4-6 weeks although I will always take into consideration your wedding date and any fitting dates you want to have your accessory for.  If you are in a hurry please let me know because I will be able to arrange getting your item to you quickly.  

Any other questions please contact me

Emma xxx