It is important to me that Claude is as sustainable and ethical a business as it can be  Here are some of the things that are in place to help me do that...

All the materials I use are ethically sourced. I research and only buy from suppliers that I trust.  Some of the beads and sequins I use are re-purposed from unusable vintage clothes or fabric.  I source new sequins from the last remaining factory in this country, based in east London.  I source my beads from the most amazing UK based company, the Miyuki beads and crystals I use are produced in Japan in factories where environmental and employment protections are of a very high standard.  They also have an incredible 'beads for bees' incentive where you can return the plastic tubes the beads come in to be recycled and in return you receive bee friendly wild flower seeds, how beautiful is that! The pearls I use are potato pearls sustainably sourced.

I love using bamboo silk in place of silk. It has so many of the amazing qualities of silk but is made from bamboo fibres.  I am currently investigating how to swap silk organza for a plant based sustainable substitute to use on any new designs going forward.

The tulle I use comes from a UK mill that uses traditional bobbinet machines to create the fabric, I love this.

I work on reducing my waste as much as I can, I repurpose beads and sequins where possible, if a design hasn't worked, I'll re-use the sequins and beads and fabric in a different design.  I also make to order which reduces waste.

All the packaging I use can be recycled. The boxes your products come in are made out of recycled materials and can either be kept to store your product or recycled.

Claude plants trees - I support the amazing climate positive charity Ecologie. Not only does Claude contribute to planting trees all over the world including the UK, but Ecologie also funds climate positive projects dedicated to tackling the climate crisis.  It makes me feel proud to watch our little forest grow, and every purchase you make contributes to that.

I am working hard to continue to be as ethical and sustainable as possible but I know there is always more I can do,  if you have any suggestions or there is anything you want to discuss with me about regarding ethical practices and sustainability then please do contact me XXX