Hand Embroidery Service

What is my Hand-Embroidery Service?...

I LOVE embellishing fabrics. Hand-embroidery and decorative embellishment using sequins and beads is definitely my thing.

Imagine your planning your wedding. You've put together the most amazing outfit, you look incredible but you are looking to add that extra special detail to enhance your look. Or maybe your festival bound and you want to liven up your festival wardrobe with some colourful sequin-embroidery detail. I can hand-embroider directly onto the fabric of your outfit.

How does the hand embroidery service work?

Firstly, choose where you would like your hand embroidery to be.

Maybe you would like to add some detail to a cuff or a sleeve? Maybe the neckline of a top or a dress or even the back of a jacket. Maybe you would like something really simple like an embroidered shoulder strap, or some beaded embroidery on the ribbon around your bouquet. Possibly an intricate pattern on the waistline of a dress or a skirt instead of a belt. Perhaps a decorative design on a pair of tulle gloves. Maybe you would prefer to Go Big, I could cover an area of a dress or a whole skirt in beautiful shimmering beads and sequins in an incredible bold design.

I can embroider onto most fabrics and can advise with design and placement if you are feeling unsure of exactly what you want.

What type of hand-embroidery and beading you would like?...

Now it's time to think about the design of your hand-embroidery.

Maybe some embellishment on one of my bridal accessories has caught your eye, or you have an idea in your head that you would like to bring to life. I'd love to hear about what has inspired you.

What colour is your hand-embroidery design going to be?

I LOVE using colour in my designs but that doesn't always mean bright and bold, a subtle colour palette can be just as striking.

If your hand embroidery is for your wedding outfit you might be inspired by your flowers, maybe your partners outfit, your bridal party or the decorations.

If your looking for embroidery, sequins and beads to ignite your festival look then maybe you want to go bright and bold, even neon.

When it comes to colour, anything is possible.

How much will my hand-embroidery cost?

My hand-embroidery starts at £50 for more simple pieces but each design is unique and so prices will vary. I will be able to send you a quote once I've received your enquiry.

All that remains to do is fill out the contact form below giving me as much information as you can and I'll be in touch with the next steps. I can't wait to hear from you and get started on your hand-embroidery creation.

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Is there something you need to know about my hand-embroidery service

Having something hand-embroidered specially is really exciting, but I understand it could also feel a little daunting, don't worry, I'm on hand to guide you through the process. Please contact me with any questions you may have, I'll be sure to answer them.